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The plot was a unique one, which struck a chord with the audience.
Neethi, starring one of the legendary actors of Tamil cinema, Sivaji Ganesan, completed 50 years of its release on December 7. The movie, which starred Sivaji Ganesan opposite former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, was released in 1972 and was a box office success, and ran for 100 days in many theatres across the state. Directed by CV Rajendran, Neethi was a remake of the Hindi movie Dushmun starring the then-reigning superstar of Bollywood Rajesh Khanna. It is interesting to note that both films were released in the same year. However, while Dushmum came out in January 1972, Neethi was released on December 7.
The plot was a unique one, which struck a chord with the audience. The film tells the story of a truck driver named Raja played by Sivaji Ganesan, who accidentally runs over a farmer on a foggy night. However, instead of fleeing, being the righteous man, he surrenders to the law. However, the twist comes when he is not sentenced to two years of prison as he should have been.
The court is instead moved by the farmer’s family’s predicament, which includes his widow Seetha, a sister, two young children, a frail father, and a blind mother. According to the judge, both the victim and the offender are not helped by incarceration. The judge decides to try a novel experiment by forcing Raja to live with the farmer’s family and look after their financial needs. The rest of the story follows Raja’s experience of bonding with the farmer’s family and facing hostility from the rest of the village.
Although the performances of the cast were praised and the movie turned out to be a big commercial success, Neethi was criticised for being a complete shot-to-shot remake of Dushmun without any innovation.
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