6 First Alert Weather Day: Light icing threat most of the day – WOWT

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Temperatures took a nose dive this morning in advance of our 6 First Alert Weather Day. That isn’t the best news as we try to warm back up to near 32 degrees before any rain moves in. Light icing is possible for many of us and is the main reason we have the 6 First Alert Weather Day in place.
Thankfully the onset of any heavier precipitation continues to push later and later into the morning giving us more of an opportunity to warm above 32 before it arrives.
There is the threat of patchy freezing drizzle as early as 8am today. When we get closer to 10am there could be a few spotty showers as well. Unfortunately we won’t get close to 32 in the metro until near noon now so any precipitation before noon could lead to light icing in the metro.
After noon it should mainly be a chilly rain in the metro but the threat of icing will be ongoing north and west of the metro thanks to temperatures that just don’t warm. That threat continues right through sunset unfortunately and will result in the highest ice totals to the north and west of the metro.
Areas west and north of the metro have best threat of seeing 0.1″ to 0.2″ of ice today while most of the metro and areas southeast stay under 0.1″.
That is by far the biggest issue today but there may be a little snow on the tail end of this event before midnight tonight, especially north of the metro.
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