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Dear Editor,
The Berbice Cricket Board on the 10th of June would be honouring close to 30 players from the county who have played for either the senior West Indies or Guyana Cricket teams. A special ceremony would be held in New York to honour these heroes along with some former administrators and sponsors of our cricket who live overseas in the USA. This would be the first of several events like these that would be held in the USA to honour heroes while the BCB also hopes to do a similar event in Canada nest year. The event would be held at little cost to the board as the costs would be mostly sponsored. Junior national players would be honoured next year.
The current proposed awardees are:
1 Alvin Kallicharran
2 Joe Soloman
3 Basil Butcher-Deceased
4 Narsingh Deonarine
5 Clayton Lambert
6 Milton Pydanna
7 Leonard Baichan
8 Sew Shivnarine
9 Hubern Evans
10 Romain Etwaroo
11 Mahendra Nagamootoo
12 Derek Kallicharran
13 Ray Joseph
14 Kevin Darlington
15 Tyrone Etwaroo
16 Sudesh Dhaniram
17 Vishal Nagamootoo
18 Leslaine Lambert
19 Kamal Singh
20 Aemarnauth Ramcharitar
21 Vejai Seenarine
22 Suresh Ganouri- Deceased
23 Keith Cameron
24 Linden Fraser
25 Gajanand Singh
26 Collie Soloman
We welcome any additional names that we might have missed. Players must be living in the USA and must have played at the senior level for Guyana. All for your information and guidance.
Yours faithfully,
Hilbert Foster
BCB President
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