Bruce Arians “extremely unhappy” with Buccaneers firings – NBC Sports

Last April, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians handed the baton to Todd Bowles, with the goal of helping avoid staff turmoil. Turmoil nevertheless came, with nine staff members gone from a staff that was supposed to provide consistency and continuity.
“I control the narrative right now,” Arians explained to Peter King after stepping down. “I don’t control it next February because [if] Brady gets hurt, we go 10-7, and it’s an open interview for the job. . . . I got 31 [coaches and their] families that depend on me. My wife is big on not letting all those families down.”
Now, nearly a third of those families have been let down, because those coaches have been let go.
So how is Arians feeling about the moves?
“Not happy. Very unhappy. Extremely unhappy,” Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times said this week on WDAE radio, via
“Having had some interaction with him about it . . . he’s disappointed,” Stroud said. “You know, he’s disappointed. I guess that’s the biggest thing. You know, he wanted Todd to have this opportunity. He wanted to keep this staff together. He wanted these [coaching] families to be together. Many of them have another year on their contracts. Many of them thought they would be here as long as Todd is the head coach, were told as much, and that’s not the case. And so he’s hurt by it. I don’t know if you’re going to see him around much next year.”
Arians spent 2022 in a made-up job, furthering the perception that he was forced out, not that he chose to walk away. With his contract now expired, Arians can go wherever he wants.
He’s officially retired. Then again, he was retired when he went to work for the Colts in 2012. He also was retired when he took the job in Tampa Bay. Although Arians has been connected to no head-coaching vacancies for 2023 (maybe he should be), Arians could serve an important role with a team that would benefit from his knowledge, experience, and expertise.
Aparently, his position as “Senior Football Consultant” or whatever they were calling him doesn’t carry all that much weight.
I’ve been a Bucs fan for almost 30 years and there’s no way Arians “retired”. He was forced out. Point blank.
So a former coach in a new made up position, that has no control over what happens with a team’s staff or roster is upset that some people got fired after a bad season? Ok. Well I’m upset that a bunch of people got laid off at Google even though I have no control over their management or employees. See it sounds pretty stupid.
They should have fired Arians, or asked him to stay home last year. He is the cloud hanging over this team. His presence undermines the head coach on all levels.
Who was the guy on Mad Men that the agency got to fire twice??…..
Not because lefty was fired but because Bowles wasn’t…
One of the sorriest HC in the NFL!
“…were told as much…”
IF true that’s some slimy stuff right there and will tarnish the organization’s reputation.
Pretty simple. They badly underperformed their talent. Yes a lot of it had to do with Tom Brady’s skills going into the tank but they should have been a better team than they showed. That comes back to the coaches.
Seems like a good dude. Worried about the employees and their families.
Much rather see him than Dennis Allen as head coach for the saints. Arians turned bucs into winners instead of losers.
They haven’t fired enough staff and made one very critical error passing the baton to Bowles.
Arians thought Tampa Bay would go 10-7 this year *if* Brady got hurt and missed games, leading to the team looking for a new HC. They ended up going 8-9 with Brady starting all 17 and keeping their HC.
Lesson: Don’t invest money on what BA tells you.
He has become beyond tiresome…just go away Bruce. For real this time.
People love to take jabs at BA. He’s an arrogant blowhard etc. But he’s proven time and again that he was the glue holding it all together. Indy was not the same without him. AZ fell apart after him, making it clear he was the true leader there. Then we had this year in Tampa where they were nothing even close to what they were when he was in charge. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and I get that, but he’s proven to be a damn good coach who’s been missed every time he’s left.
Arians was a great head coach. Turned every team he went to into a winner including the Cardinals. It’s a shame he never got a shot until age 60.
Since no one else is saying it, I will say it…Bowles fired these coaches so that he could save himself. It’s as simple as that. I wonder what the Fritz Pollard folks think about this.
One of the league’s greatest blowhards. Overrated, too. Always needed an All Pro QB and loaded weaponry to function or he failed miserably like in Arizona or TB with Winston.
How he hasn’t figured out he got lucky with the timing of Brady’s exit, Gronk and Brown in tow, and years of 1st rd picks lined up in Tampa for him, I have no idea.
It’s a Bucs life.
This is the life you have chosen
The should have fired Bowles 1st.
OK Boomer
Wanted Bowles to have his opportunity? He had an opportunity with the Jets and stunk the joint out. And Bowles still had that same stupid clueless smirk on his face with the Bucs as he did in New York. He’s a worse coach than Arians, if that’s even possible.
Tough to see the logic in forcing Arians out for Todd Bowles
Yes, Arians did indeed hand the baton to Bowles – as Arians was ushered out the door.
Sure, the only thing bigger than his EGO will be his salary demands.
This is not a family business. It’s a family business for the Glazers not the employees. You should know look at about the close to 50 years you uprooted and moved your family. Why should it be any different for them? It’s a results oriented business and the bill came due. Abject failure. You’ll be more upset next year because Bowles and the whole staff will be gone when they go 3 and 14.
R.I.P. Bruce. This is what it feels like to be “dead man walking “.
Everyone I know expected Tampa to be lousy this year. Bowles would turn KC into an eight-win team. I can’t believe they kept him on, unless they felt pressure. Say what you want, Arians is 80 – 48 and Todd Bowles is 34 – 50.
Arians wins everywhere he goes, he should be happy to move on. Bucs will be firing Bowles next season so they can reunite in the next stop for Arians. Although I wouldn’t mind if he went back to CBS he was good calling the games.
Bowles is a horrible HC and should have been fired. The fact they are keeping him likely means they are tanking the season.
Seems like a good dude. Worried about the employees and their families.
More likely he’s mad the team didn’t do what he wanted. He knows all those guys will land jobs elsewhere. He’s upset he wasn’t listened to. And if one thing makes Bruce Arians mad it’s when people aren’t paying attention to him.
He should go to Baltimore and rebuild that offense.
Probably wants to go back to Pittsburgh now that they finally got Roethlisberger out of there?
cobrala2 says:
January 25, 2023 at 11:00 am
“…were told as much…”
IF true that’s some slimy stuff right there and will tarnish the organization’s reputation
It’s really not. Yes, coaches were likely told they would be there with Bowles or are expected to be a long term past of their plan or something similar BUT that doesnt mean those coaches and the team were able to underperform without repercussion…Its really simple, if working a performance based job and a new boss tells you that your part of the team going forward and then your performance and your work areas performance slips from the previous level it wouldn’t be “slimy” to replace you it would be smart.
Brady forced Arians out because he was too meddlesome in the game planning. Brady therefore only has himself to blame for their 8-10 season (including playoffs). When Arians was bumped up to the front office, Brady became the de facto OC and the team was putrid on offense all year. I really hope he continues to play because otherwise we’d have to listen to his analysis on Fox week after week.
Tom Brady has ZERO winning seasons without elite coaching (Belichick HOF lock, Arians HOF maybe and 2x COTY).
Says it all doesn’t it.
Old man Bruce’s entitlement is off the charts. TB delivered the SB win…not Bruce. Overrated and now has become the “get off my lawn Old Man”
The real question is who ordered the firings? Is Bruce upset with Bowles or the organization that may have demanded the changes. If it was Bowles, Bruce has to let him run it his way. After all he anointed him coach.
coreydean says:
January 25, 2023 at 11:04 am
Seems like a good dude. Worried about the employees and their families.
Arians is a fraud. Loves to hear himself talk. He should mow Brady’s car every week and wash his car.
coreydean says:
January 25, 2023 at 11:04 am
Seems like a good dude. Worried about the employees and their families.
Arians is a fraud. Loves to hear himself talk. He should mow Brady’s lawn every week and wash his car.
Welcome to the results of Bowles as a head coach. He fails as usual and then scapegoats everyone under him. Soon, as he gives his speeches about culture (which was pretty good in Tampa until he took over) and changing it to his kind of team they will continue to get worse each and every day until he is fired. Making Bowles a head coach starts a 3 year long failure and floats into another 2 year rebuild after he is gone. Tampa is doomed for the next 5 years at the least.
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