ICC T20 World Cup: New Disney+ Hotstar app feature to offer video feed for 'freemium' users – The Indian Express

Adding to the modest catalogue of Bollywood movies that non-subscribers can enjoy on the platform for free, Disney+ Hotstar has now announced a brand new feature that lets such ‘freemium’ users stay in the loop regarding the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. ‘Follow On’ is a special video feed that gives users a real-time account of the cricket match, complete with the live score, insights into the game, and expert opinions.
Freemium users will get to watch the match for a few minutes as a teaser of sorts for the premium tiers, following which the screen will be seamlessly switched to Follow On mode. This will allow them to continue keeping track of the game without having to pay.
Of course, ‘Follow On’ will not just be limited to freemium users as subscribers will be able to use it too, in case they wish to take a dive into the match’s ins and outs.
Aside from stats, Follow On’s viewers will also be treated to insightful analysis with graphics and visuals in Hindi by cricket commentators such as Sunil Vaidya, Sanjay Banerjee, Raman Bhanot, Vineet Garg, Naveen Srivastava, Reema Malhotra, Ajay Mehra, Padmajeet Sehrawat and Manoj Sharma.
Commenting on the launch of Follow On, Disney+ Hotstar spokesperson said, “Disney+ Hotstar has always delivered the best-in-class live sports experience in India. With Follow On, we’re raising the bar by democratizing access to premium cricket entertainment with a real-time account of the cricket action to all users – including our freemium viewers.”
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