India to organize 12th World Hindi conference in Fiji in February | Mint – Mint

The registration fee for Indian citizens is Rs. 2000, for Indian students Rs. 500, foreigners $50 and foreign student $10
New Delhi: The 12th World Hindi Conference is being organized by the Ministry of External Affairs in collaboration with the Government of Fiji from 15 to 17 February 2023 in Fiji.
“The online registration for participation in the 12th World Hindi Conference in Fiji commenced from today at,” the ministry said.
The registration fee for Indian citizens is Rs. 2000, for Indian students Rs. 500, foreigners $50 and foreign student $10, it added.
According to the Ministry of External Affairs press release, the fee can be paid online through Internet Banking or any valid Debit/Credit Card, as detailed on the website. The fee has been reduced compared to the last Conference to encourage more participation.
“The main theme of the Conference is “Hindi: From Traditional Knowledge to Artificial Intelligence”,“ it said.
The website and logo for the Conference were launched earlier in October 2022 in New Delhi by External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar.
The website contains relevant information on the 12th World Hindi conference, Visa requirements, accommodation and Covid-19 guidelines etc. for visitors to Fiji, in addition to information about previous World Hindi Conferences.
“The website will be updated soon with detailed information on the Programme of and Academic Sessions at 12th World Hindi Conference,” the ministry said.
So far, 11 World Hindi Conferences have been organized in various countries and this time the 12th World Hindi Conference will be organized in Fiji. Hindi language is very popular in several countries including New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, Mauritius, among others.
According to the United Nations report of 2020, Fiji had a population of more than 896,000 and out of which over 30% is of Indian-origin.
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