Minnesota weather: Snow likely in southern Minnesota – FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul

Snow Thursday night into Friday morning could make some roads slippery. Plus, a look at the weekend forecast.
It was cold to start the morning on Thursday, but there will be plenty of sunshine to help warm things up to the upper 20s in the Twin Cities metro and much of the region by the afternoon.
Cloud cover will build in the evening and along with it, comes the opportunity for snow in southern Minnesota. A winter weather advisory is in effect from 6 p.m. Thursday through 9 a.m. Friday for areas that include Marshall, Mankato, Rochester and areas south. Those in the northern portion of the advisory area – along and north of Highway 14 – could see 1-2 inches, while those along the Minnesota-Iowa border could see 2-4 inches or more when all is said and done.
The Twin Cities metro might get a glancing blow of snow – just enough to be slippery for the Friday morning commute if the system makes its way far enough north. 
Friday should be a little milder, with a high of around 33 degrees in the Twin Cities, 27 degrees in Brainerd, and mid-30s across southern Minnesota.
Mid-30s are expected for this weekend. Saturday will be cloudy and mild, with a high of 35 degrees and drizzle and freezing drizzle possible, which could make things slippery. Sunday will see more thawing with a high of 36 degrees and passing clouds with some peeks of sun. 
The seven-day forecast. (FOX 9)
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