NC group brings nuclear bomb replica to downtown Raleigh, warns against dangers of nuclear weapons – WRAL News

A group calling for countries to destroy nuclear weapon stockpiles displayed something in downtown Raleigh — a nuclear bomb.
It wasn't real, of course; it's a replica of a so-called "broken arrow."
It resembles the two bombs accidentally dropped–but not detonated — by a B-52 bomber onto a Wayne County farm in 1961.
The North Carolina Peace Action (NCPA) is trying to call attention to the risks of having a large nuclear arsenal.
"We're here in front of the federal building because our United States representatives — our congressmen, congresswomen and our two U.S. senators — voted for new nuclear weapons in the budget," said Joe Cicero, a member of NCPA. "And these nuclear weapons are expensive, and we think that we can spend the money on other things like education, to get rid of climate change. There's a lot of things we could spend them on."
Although the bomb that dropped in Wayne County was recovered, parts of the nuclear core of the other one remain buried at the site.
NCPA said that was only one of more than 70 known 'Broken Arrow' incidents.
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