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EVER wondered how many texts you've sent? It might surprise you.
WhatsApp has a hidden page that you can check to see the true scale of your texting habit.
It counts up your messages on the phone number (and even across devices).
And it splits them up into sent and received, so you can see exactly how you're using the app.
You'll almost certainly have significantly higher received messages, as the balance is usually heavily tipped by group chats.
But it's entirely possible that you've still sent more than you've received, making you a serious serial texter.
The feature is very easy to check and only takes a few seconds.
First, make sure you're using the latest version of WhatsApp on iOS for iPhone, or on Android.
Now launch the app and tap on Settings in the corner.
Next tap on Storage and Data, which is about halfway down the page.
After that you'll need to look for the Network section and tap on Network Usage.
At the very top, you should see a section called Messages.
And there are two counters: Sent and Received.
This tallies up all of the messages that you've been sending and receiving over the years.
You can also see how much data that has used up, as well as breaking that network usage out across media and calling.
It's possible to view how long you've spent on WhatsApp calls, as well as how many incoming and outgoing calls your account has made.
Try comparing your stats with your friends or family to see who has the highest text count.
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