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WHATSAPP is one of the most popular messaging apps used worldwide.
Regardless of whether you are an avid Samsung user or an iPhone warrior, WhatsApp is universal and easy to use across different phone brands.
Gone are the days where you can see a message pop up and ignore it without the person knowing you had been in the app.
Now the messaging service has Last Seen – which tells you the last time your WhatsApp contact was actively using the app.
It also has a a feature that tells you if the user is online.
When you are in a one to one conversation with someone on WhatsApp, you may see underneath their name the message "last seen" and a time.
If they opened the app within the last 24 hours you will see the exact time they used the app, or a date if they have not used WhatsApp in that time.
WhatsApp also tells you when someone is typing their message to you.
In the privacy settings, users have the option of controlling who can see their last seen and online times.
The company has said in its FAQ that people may find they cannot see a contact's last seen, which may be for one of a few reasons:
If this update fills you with dread, never fear!
In August 2022 Meta, who now owns WhatsApp, announced three more privacy-focused features they were adding to the service.
One of the changes is that users can now pick specific people from their contact list who can see when they were 'last seen'.
To turn off your last seen you can go into your settings in WhatsApp.
Once you are inside your privacy settings you should see "Last Seen & Online".
After selecting that option, your screen will show you the various options of who can see your last seen status – including nobody.
Depending on your selections you will be able to tweak your settings so that only your chosen contacts see when you were last using the app, or nobody can.
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