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WhatsApp is a well-known messaging platform with over 2 billion monthly users. They just unveiled communities where you can post and chat.

WhatsApp has announced the launch of a new group chat feature, which they’re labeling “Communities,” with the intention of providing a digital meeting place for neighborhoods, sports teams, workplaces, families, and more.
Unlike some of the other organization-driven chat apps, WhatsApp is already widely accepted as a safe and familiar app for communicating with those in the next room or all the way across the world. With over 2 billion monthly users, WhatsApp’s Communities are likely to be a hit with the majority, since there will be no need to download a new app or spend time learning a new user interface. The app also offers end-to-end encryption, which most competitors are not currently advertising.
To get started, you’ll select the tab labeled “Communities” and either start a new Community or join an existing one. If you’re a Communities admin, you’ll have the option to send out updates to the entire team and moderate incoming content from other users. You can be part of multiple Communities and switch between them as needed, which is sure to be a necessary feature for those who utilize the feature to stay in touch with multiple groups at once.

Imagine a place you can easily look up the time for your next business luncheon, your child’s soccer schedule, and the itinerary for the neighborhood fall festival. With Communities, all of this could be possible!

Imagine a place you can easily look up the time for your next business luncheon, your child’s soccer schedule, and the itinerary for the neighborhood fall festival. With Communities, all of this could be possible!
Beyond chatting, Communities will allow up to 1,024 members and the ability to handle a video chat with up to 32 members at once. Another useful feature is file sharing, which will allow users to share handbooks, schedules, and other important documents that Community members can access with ease. Let’s face it – no one wants to spend 15 minutes searching their email for information! You may also create polls within your Community, which will help you collect quick feedback.

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Communities are still being rolled out, but WhatsApp expects the feature to be globally available in the next couple of months. Will you utilize this tool to connect with your groups?

Jennifer is a native Houstonian (go Astros!) with a knack for creating digital works of art. She has expansive experience creating content and branded collateral for Fortune 500 companies, as well as small local businesses. When she’s not buried in her laptop, Jennifer is the marketing director for a world championship circuit barbecue cook off team and pet mom to dog (Milo) and Guinea pig (Piggy Smalls).
WhatsApp Plus
November 20, 2022 at 5:23 am
This is really good upgrade. Specially video chat with up to 32 members at once will help job organizations.
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