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A new WhatsApp beta version is available to some testers showing improvements to the WhatsApp search feature. This improvement includes searching for a specific message within a chat by date . Previously, users could only find specific messages by typing words into the built-in search feature.
Searching for a specific message using just a word or group of words is difficult most of the time. This is so because the word or group of words might have been used in other messages. So, typing it into the search bar will pull up a variety of options for the user to scroll through.
With this new feature – available to beta testers for now – users will be able to search for a message using the date sent. The beta testing version that has access to this feature is currently available for iOS devices. So, to access this feature once it becomes available on iOS, users will need to pull up the search option.
To do this, tap on the recipient’s name or phone number on the chat interface. This will bring up the chat setting and options menu, then select the search icon. On the beta testing version, users can access the “find message by date” WhatsApp search feature with a button just above the keyboard layout.
By tapping on this button, users will be able to pick a specific date and pull up all chats from that date. This will help improve the effectiveness of the WhatsApp search feature. A coming update to WhatsApp will make this feature available to users around the world.
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